How Is The Civic Chart

Price of Civic is $0,033307 USD – 0,00000353 BTC. Volume of Civic for 24 hour is $ 10.702.520 USD – 1.134 BTC and Civic market cap is $22.315.822 USD – 2.364 BTC. Total supply of Civic is CVC and circulating supply of it 670.000.000 CVC. CVC is the token of the Civic system. It currently uses the Ethereum blockchain as the ERC20 token. In the Civic business model, the CVC token is defined to be used in the system when needed. Investors may use Civic wallet to manage their money easily and also make transitions in flexible way.

What Is Civic

Civic is an identity management system where users can use their identity securely instantly. In short, you need to go through many stages to prove your identity on an online platform right now. Again and again from the very beginning. In the Civic login system, once you have registered, you can now confirm your identity directly with Civic in other places that use the Civic system. Just enter your Civic ID for this but this is only one use. Apart from that, Civic has many other uses. You can follow Civic news from the channels below.

Official CIVIC resources

  • Civic Twitter
  • Civic Blog
  • Civic Telegram
  • Civic Whitepaper

Advantages Of Civic

Civic offers many benefits to investors with its variety of uses. Civic has a wide market as its usage area can be used wherever identity verification is required. Some of these uses are as follows;

  • E-signature
  • Secure and encrypted access of personal health information and access of personal identification information
  • Available for financial services, user’s credibility history
  • Against credit card fraud on e-commerce sites
  • As registration and login ID on websites. Currently, WihiHow uses its Civic ID for registration and login.