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  1. You can make your identity check process for more a reasonable fee.
  2. You can make your identity check process faster.
  3. You can make your identity check process more reliable, this makes authenticate safely.
  4. Your personal information will be protected by the system by certain software systems.
  5. Users of the system can check the information they have given, but while doing that, they do not have to give extra information.
  6. The system does not share information with other companies.
  7. You can store your Civic coin on Civic wallets for highly secure and ease.
Which is Turkey's largest Bitcoin exchange and CIVIC be informed about the work that Thodex as altcoin. You can contact Thodex: 02129090312


Price of Civic is $0,033307 USD - 0,00000353 BTC. Volume of Civic for 24 hour is $ 10.702.520 USD - 1.134 BTC and Civic market cap is $22.315.822 USD - 2.364 BTC. Total supply of Civic is CVC and circulating supply of it 670.000.000 CVC. CVC is the token of the Civic system. It currently uses the Ethereum blockchain as the ERC20 token. In the Civic business model, the CVC token is defined to be used in the system when needed. Investors may use Civic wallet to manage their money easily and also make transitions in flexible way. What Is Civic Civic is an identity management system where users can use their identity securely instantly. In short, you need to go through many stages to prove your identity on an online platform right now. Again and again from the very beginning. In the Civic login system, once you have registered, you can now confirm your identity directly with Civic in other places that use the Civic system. Just enter your Civic ID for this but this is only one use. Apart from that, Civic has many other uses. You can follow Civic news from the channels below. Official CIVIC resources
  • Civic Twitter
  • Civic Blog
  • Civic Telegram
  • Civic Whitepaper
Advantages Of Civic Civic offers many benefits to investors with its variety of uses. Civic has a wide market as its usage area can be used wherever identity verification is required. Some of these uses are as follows;
  • E-signature
  • Secure and encrypted access of personal health information and access of personal identification information
  • Available for financial services, user's credibility history
  • Against credit card fraud on e-commerce sites
  • As registration and login ID on websites. Currently, WihiHow uses its Civic ID for registration and login.

Civic is a stage which attempts to safely confirm any client's character without the requirement for a username and secret key. So as to enlist on the Civic stage, clients need to download its versatile application and check their personality on it by giving certain archives. Keep reading to explore what is Civicand how it works.

What is Civic?

  1. Utilizing blockchain innovation in an exceptional manner, Civic is something other than a coin or a digital currency to exchange. 
  2. It's a personality confirmation stage which is intended to make life simpler, for the client, yet additionally for the element who wishes to check the character. 
  3. As opposed to experiencing a wordy record check process, the Civic token empowers the confirmation of personality legitimately in places where it is acknowledged. The preferred position here is that since it utilizes blockchain innovation, it's amazingly secure and fraud is exceptionally far-fetched! 
  4. The Civic coin or Civic wallets are the cash related with Civic, which blossoms with the Ethereum blockchain, basically traded during the personality confirmation process.
  5. The CEO of the CVC venture is Vinny Lingham, a South African business person who has been in the online business segment for over 10 years. 
  6. The CTO, Jonathan Smith is the man helping power Civic innovations. He has been in the banking and innovation field for over 15 years as indicated by the Civic site.

How to Buy Civic?

To buy CVC, the coin is exchanged on around 25 stages, where you can trade BitcoinEthereum, and so forth for the tokens. It's hard to discover a stage which will acknowledge fiat monetary standards like US Dollars for the CVC coin, yet a couple of such trades do exist.

The significant trades that help the CVC token incorporate KuCoin, Bittrex, OKEx and the much more from there.

Civic coin is one of the most important coins in the digital world. Blockchain technology has some deficiencies and projects that find these deficiencies and correct them are really important in that sense. By using this system, you can use the blockchain for less expensive, faster. In addition, this system is better for identity verification. Civic coin is used by people who care about personal information privacy. That’s why the reason we have prepared this article for coin investors. Today we wanted to give some important information about CVC coin. In our article below you can find the features of Civic coin. If you want to invest in CVC coin, our CVC info article awaits you below. Here the answers to what is CVC question.

 How to Buy Civic?

 Million of people wonder how to buy CVC coin. Civic crypto coin can be bought through the Binance coin exchange market. If you want to buy it with your credit card, you can also find the other web sites that provide credit card shopping service for cryptocurrencies and Civic coin. For more information about CVC coin, stay tuned our global crypto coin info web site.